How To Become A Forklift Operator In Brisbane

Forklift course Brisbane aims to give you hands on the practical knowledge and skills in the safe and efficient operation of forklift machine. You will be able to gain an understanding of the following applicable legislation:

  • Types of forklifts and their uses
  • Load charts
  • Types of loads and their characteristics
  • Types of the lifting attachments and their uses
  • Work planning and risk management
  • Both pre, as well as post, start checks
  • Techniques related to safe drive
  • Stability of the forklift used
  • Manoeuvre and shift of the variety of loads
  • Shutdown procedure and the paperwork associated with it

Forklift course Brisbane is suitable for those people, who are associated with the construction, resources, retail and transport industries and also want to operate a forklift truck.

The qualified and experienced trainers and assessors ensure that you possess all the knowledge and plan a required practical training. Forklift course Brisbane provides flexible training plan. The arrangement of the training plan is customisable as per your need.

The hassle-free forklift course will make you so confident that you will be in the best position to pass your assessment test and achieve your licence.

The extensive instructions related to training are easy to understand and follow. It includes not only practical application but also the theory.

On completion of the training course, you need to sit for the final assessment, which consists of two parts:

Written and Practical

The written test generally includes questions from the group presentations and the manual provided to you.

The practical test is concerned with the checking of a machine, pallet racking, load shifting, and much more.