Flange Insulating Gasket Kits

Flanges, the most common trouble area, need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage and must also be cathodically insulated to prevent stray currents which cause undo corrosion and eventual breakdown of the metal. Advance Products & Systems manufactures and maintains a supply of quality products and materials which help solve most flange sealing problems, therefore preventing subsequent corrosion and saving the integrity of the pipeline.


Type D gaskets are specifically designed to fit into the ring groove of ring-type-joint flanges. They are manufactured of a medium weave, fabric-reinforced phenolic material and are sized to ANSI specifications available in basic oval as well as octagonal shape. Also available are BX gaskets with pressure ratings to 15,000 PSI.


Type E is a full-faced gasket with the same outside diameter as the flange and precision cut bolt holes. This design facilitates proper alignment of the gasket during installation and foreign material prevented from shorting the flange insulation. Type E gaskets are available in plain face or Neoprene face phenolic, as well as a variety of high temperature flange gasket material.


Type F gaskets are made to fit the raised face portion of the flange only. As there are no bolts holes in the F gasket, the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the gasket, assuring an exact, automatic positioning of the gasket. Available in the same flange gasket material as the type E gasket.

Insulating Sleeves And Washers

Insulating sleeves manufactured of high density polyethylene, NEMA grade LE phenolic, and Mylar are available in a full range of sizes. Also available are one-piece integral sleeves and washers which are made of Minton, providing superior compression strength. Integral sleeves are available in sizes through 1-1/2″. A variety of high temperature sleeves are also stock items. With each insulating washer, a 1/8″ thick S.A.E. electro-plated steel washer is provided to protect the insulating washer from damage by the nut. Advance flange insulation sets are available in single washer or double washer kits.

Flange Gasket Material

Other temperature flange gasket material are available upon request. It is recommended that the factory be contacted to discuss technical data on the above referenced products.

Special Application

Advance Products and Systems, Inc. is well equipped to make those special insulation pads and gaskets sometimes required for odd shaped connections. We can manufacture any configuration or design needed. These applications include special closures, vaults, steel boxes, special connectors, utility and light poles. If it needs to be sealed…we can be of service.


Each Advance flange insulation gasket kit is packaged individually in durable corrugated boxes. Insulating sleeves and washers are packaged separately and are cushioned within the box to protect them from damage during shipment. Each set is clearly tagged with flange size, pressure rating, type of insulating sleeve and whether it is a single washer or double washer set. A recommended bolt tightening sequence sheet is provided with each kit.